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If she did this, the only reason would be to end the impeachment process now, before the next Democratic debate, as opposed to shortly before or during the primary. Or to prevent Republicans from calling witnesses that may embarrass Biden. It’s very clear, by the way the whole process has been rushed, that Democrats do not want the impeachment process to drag on into the election..

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There is a huge discrepancy in turnover margin between the two teams. New England is tied for fifth in the league in turnover margin at plus 6. The Patriots have turned the ball over only six times. Wilson was sacked on a ratio of 10.9 attempts to 1 sack, while Luck was sacked on a ratio of 19.24 to 1. Wilson got sacked 299 times from 2012 2018, while Luck was only sacked 171 times, and even if Luck played in the same amount of games as Russ over that time, Luck would still have to be sacked on average 5 times a game for every game he missed to catch Wilson. Luck doesn know what a bad o line is.

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